Ankle sprains, muscle strains, runners knee and shin splints are all common running injuries.

It is also common to have tight hamstrings and calves

Physiotherapy assists in the healing of injuries, speeds up recovery time as well as aid with injury prevention.

Treatment Aims:


- Injury diagnosis 

- Identify biomechanical issues  

- Identification of aggravating factors 

- Home exercise programme

- Reducing reoccurring flare ups

- Enabling self management

Massage Aims

- Loosening adhesions 

- Increasing blood flow

- Increasing flexibility and range of motion

- Increasing blood flow and nutrients to the muscles


Pre-Event Massage Aims

-Warming up the muscles

-Reducing anxiety and tension

-Creating a state of event readiness

Post-Event Massage Aims:


-Reduce muscle soreness

- Relaxing tight muscle groups

- Assisting in the cool down process

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